Plant powered, oil infused, everyday hair & body care

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Natural hair care

We strive to create natural hair care with all the best ingredients. All products are curated from plant based ingredients & free from all the nasty stuff ✌🏻🌍 they are also refillable so keep your bottles.


Body Beauty

Check out our new line of natural body products.

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Heatless curls & hair accessories

Heatless hair solutions are here! You can choose from a heatless curl with the Silky Hair Tie or a heatless blowout with the Silky Blow out.
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Scrunchies! “Skinny” and XXL Luxe

XXL Luxe is a extra large extra luxurious scrunchie with 2-3” extra width of regular scrunchies. The Skinny Luxe is still bigger than your average scrunchie, extra plush and extra fabulous.


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A little about me - Sara

Hi! My name is Sara and I am the face behind the brand. I named the company after my daughter Sutton Michelle, but most people think I am Michelle ;). I started Sutton Michelle making headbands for my daughter in 2020 in a closet. I have since developed the Silky hair tie for heatless curls and countless natural hair care products. Each of our silky hair tie sets are sewn here in Victoria BC by local moms. And all of our hair care products are hand curated, from Canadian sourced ingredients. At Sutton Michelle we take pride in quality control and supporting other Canadian companies. Thank you for stopping by!